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What is Skinwallet?

Skinwallet SA is a publicly traded company duly incorporated under the laws of Poland. Skinwallet has a four year long online presence providing services related to trading game-related digital goods.

Both Skinwallet Instant and Skinwallet Market are well-established skin trading services allowing for instant mass-deposit sale and two-way trading respectively and both connected with renowned and recognizable payment service providers.

Digital goods trading is inseparably connected to esports and the most notable competitive games are not afraid to diversify their collectible item pools. Skinwallet is aware of the ties between the areas of esports and digital goods, thus it includes solutions for both of these fields into its Web3 project’s roadmap.

We boast a positive TrustPilot trust score rooted in our professionalism and customer care

Utilizing our experience in game-related services, we strive to create solutions that propel the idea of metaverse gaming and Web3 standards.