Cyber Warriors Army

How to join?

What’s CWA?

CWA (Cyber Warriors Army) is a collection of eight thousand (8k) unique NFTts depicting a wide array of elite heroes from the alternate reality of CyberVersum - a virtual world [co-created by its] community and renowned artists. The project merges a science-fiction setting with esport themes. CyberWarriors are one of the first NFT collections created and sold in Poland. CyberVersum is built by, a tech company specializing in esports and digital assets distribution, publicly listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Why buy NFTs?

For the last dozen-and-a-half months the NFTs have been gaining popularity both as a new art medium and an investment method. With the application of non-fungible tokens the digital goods have gained the same dimension of uniqueness as physical objects. In the same manner we can buy a famous artist’s painting, a sculpture or NBA cards, we can also buy modern digital creations or collectible avatars, or many more. We can perceive them as pieces of art, as lucrative assets or both at once.

What should I do to buy a CWA token?

To own one of the CyberWarriors you don’t need any advanced technical knowledge. It’s enough to go to the dedicated minting website, connect your MetaMask ewallet and mint your CWA NFTs.

What’s the benefit of CWA NFTs?

While the professionally designed CWA avatars are the carriers of these tokens, in fact they are an access pass for the emerging CyberVersum. The owners of CWA tokens will be invited to dedicated esport events, gain token-related assets for metaverse games like The Sandbox and benefit from exclusive deals provided by CWA partners.

What is an NFT?

NFT is an acronym for non-fungible tokens, which are a component of blockchain assets, that guarantees a given digital good’s uniqueness. It’s a digital ownership certificate, coded into a decentralized digital environment. In the context of the art market, Web3 world and the newest trends, the term ‘NFT’ is often used in simplification to refer to digital goods made unique by the token, as it is with the CWA digital objects.

Who’s trading NFTs?

The hype for NFT creation and trading is now spread everywhere: digital art pieces are created both by rising talented artists and renowned names like Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton (who created her collection in collaboration with Blake Kathryn, a designer and visual artist from  Los Angeles), or Eminem, who’s not only emitting NFTs, but also buying them.

Even the biggest art auction houses are not afraid of NFTs. Christie’s, the world leader in art trading, have hosted an auction for a collage created by Mike Winkelmann, otherwise known as Beeple, that has been transferred only by means of an Ether-based NFT. The digital artwork has been sold for 70m dollars. In September last year Sotheby’s, another great auction house, listed a series of items from one of the most popular NFT series - Bored Ape Yacht Club – for almost $25m.

Can I sell my CWA tokens away?

Yes, it’s enough to go to your OpenSea profile, display the designated token and click Sell. This will take you to a listing creation window, where you can set a fixed price in ETH and the sale’s duration.

How to buy CWA tokens?

Some things you should know
about first:

  • There are many platforms for trading NFTs. The most popular one now is OpenSea. This is the market that we will launch CWA tokens on.
  • At OpenSea users can trade using two different coins: Ethereum (ETH) i MATIC. In this guide we’ll describe the usage of ETH currency, because this is the environment in which CyberWarriors are emitted.
  • Buying ETH means changing a fiat currency into a crypto currency. To do so, you need to use one of the available exchange services. In this case, we’ll show you how to do it through Coinbase.
  • The last tool we’ll need to successfully buy NFTs is an ewallet, which will help us verify our Web3 transactions. Here our choice goes to MetaMask for its popularity and ease of use.
  • DISCLAIMER - information disclosed herein does not represent an investment counsel and only serves to instruct the reader in the technicalities of buying non-fungible tokens.

How to move your balance
to your ewallet?

To do so, you need to:

  • Specify the amount of ETH you want to send.  Input your MetaMask ewallet address (this can be found at MetaMask under Account).  Make sure to choose ETH as your intended currency (at Pay with).
  • Click Continue to view the preview of the transaction that includes the network fee. If the details are correct, click Send now. The transfer should reach your MetaMask ewallet in 10-15min.

How to mint a CWA token?

Once our ewallet is ready and has the proper amount of ETH in it, there are only few steps left ahead:

  • Go to the minting website [coming soon]
  • Click Connect Wallet to confirm the connection of your ewallet to the process of minting
  • Confirm the wallet choice and click Next in the MetaMask dialogue box
  • The next step will require you to share your ewallet address by clicking Connect
  • The page will reload and display our wallet address along with an input to specify how many tokens you’d like to mint. The default value is 1, but you can raise it up to 5 by clicking +.
  • Once you set the desired amount, click Mint now!
  • Again, you’ll see a MetaMask dialogue box, this time with the detailed description of the transaction. These will include gas fee, which is the cost of processing the transaction via blockchain. Click Confirm.
  • Once the transaction is processed, you will see a Success prompt on the minting site. You’ll find the token in your MetaMask ewallet.

How to buy Ethereum?

  • First, you need a Coinbase account. To do so, register here, verify your identity by providing an ID or another document with your photograph and connect the account with your payment method of choice.
  • Then, proceed to buying the coin. Upper right corner of the Coinbase web app has two buttons:
  • Click Buy / Sell (or Buy in mobile app) you can buy one of the cryptocurrencies. You need to specify which one you want – in our case it’s ETH – along with the amount and payment method.
  • After clicking Preview Buy you’ll see an estimated evaluation of the transaction that consists of the current ETH rating, the equivalent of ETH you receive after trade and Coinbase transaction fee.
  • Finalize the transaction by clicking Buy now.
  • Our Coinbase wallet will be topped up with ETH after a brief moment.

How to buy the CWA token at OpenSea?

Once our ewallet is ready and has the proper amount of ETH in it, there are only few steps left ahead:

  • Connect your ewallet. Just go to and click the wallet icon on the right. There you can choose MetaMask.
  • Go to the seller’s profile
  • Choose the token you wish to buy. Click Buy now to proceed with the transaction.
  • Confirm transaction. You’ll be taken to a MetaMask view that will include the transaction’s gas fees. Gas fee is the payment for the computing power required to process the transaction on blockchain. It is given in gwei, which is the denomination of Ethereum (1 Gwei = 0.000000001 ETH).
  • Click Confirm checkout. The transaction should be finalized within fifteen minutes. You will be notified about it in a separate MetaMask prompt.
  • After the transaction is realised, the NFT will be available in our OpenSea gallery under Profile.